A Matter of Record


Earlier this year, I visited the neighborhood I lived in as a young child (see my poem, in search of a play). I hadn’t been there since the family moved from there. I knew the house was long gone–replaced by highway–but I didn’t expect what remained of the residential area  to be so quiet, worn, and tired. But life indeed goes on.

All photos by A.D. Joyce.


The street abruptly stops short here now.


My old house would have been on the far side of the highway.



©A. D. Joyce, 2014


2 thoughts on “A Matter of Record


    Hi Adriene,

    Wow, you are busy today. I see 3 posts from you!

    I looked at your photos (sigh) and read your poem linked to this post. I was touched. Of course, it makes me think of my own kids, each affected at an early age by divorce.

    I have come to feel that it’s best if we tuck all of our regrets and sadnesses and disappointments and embarrassments into a little suitcase and keep it in the basement of our psyches. Why would we want to reopen them–only to ‘let out’ (like a Pandora’s box) all of those negative emotions again? At least, that is what I am trying to do with my own. It’s too tempting to go back in time, and, for me, leads to a fight against depression.

    I have thought recently of suggesting the same technique to my children, who (like yours) are just starting out in life. I realize, of course, this technique may work for me, but not them.

    Anyway, I really just wanted to wish you only the best for 2015! Hope you will enjoy the night!

    Looking forward to our next get-together!

    Big hug, Kathleen


    • Hey, Kathleen. I know how you feel. Reliving some memories are painful. For me, I find that letting them out, examining them, and putting them into perspective has done a world of good. After the tears, the weight is lifted and there is no need to carry the baggage. I can let go. I’ve been doing a lot of that this year and I can tell you that I’m going into 2015 purged and lighter than I’ve ever been.

      Everything happens for a reason. The divorce certainly was the best thing my parents could have done for themselves and for me as well. Although that was a confusing time in my life, it set me on the path for growth.

      Hugs to you, my friend. All the best for a fantastic new year. I hope to see you soon! ❤


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