Fluttering a Universe of Air


I was very much fascinated by the sky in 2014 and I took countless pictures of it whenever the spirit hit me. I felt i was rediscovering something I had taken for granted for too long.

So as this year ends, I offer just a few of the photos I took. (Yes, some were taken while I was driving. Distracted driving is dangerous so don’t try this at home!)

May our skies be as beautiful as these in 2015. Happy New Year!

Photos by A.D. Joyce

IMG_1176 IMG_1167       IMG_1225IMG_1164IMG_0976IMG_0602 IMG_0593photo 1 (2)IMG_0413IMG_0924IMG_0881IMG_0653

All photos by A.D. Joyce

All photos by A.D. Joyce

©A. D. Joyce, 2014


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