i was young once, and way back when, i went dancing at a club in washington dc and met someone who looked very much like you, i now recall.

we danced and when our dance was over he didn’t want to stop and neither did i.

but even though my heart told me we could have been more–or was i thinking of you–my destiny was already contracted for the next 25 plus years, and i decided the dance was over.

sometimes i wonder what happened to him.

as for me, back then, i was beautiful and young, and didn’t believe i was either.

i was asleep, dead to the world.

and now beauty and time don’t have the same meaning to me any more.

©A. D. Joyce, 2015


6 thoughts on “musing

  1. tamekamullins

    I could hear the music, see you two swaying together. I can remember moments like this from my past as well. I hope that beauty and time become more meaningful as we walk the world with more wisdom. Love this! 🙂


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