The street of our beautiful lazy solace


Something in you knew
you would find me here
standing on the corner
next to the Starbucks and so
we spend a few minutes
on small talk and pretend
this is a happy coincidence, a
what if I hadn’t
stepped out of the cab
a few blocks back with
a sudden urge to walk,
what if I hadn’t stopped for a
moment to find my bearings,
what if you hadn’t resisted
the urge to sleep in,
hadn’t needed a taste of dark roast—
both of us in an
unfamiliar part of town.
But that’s how it is with us,
nothing is chance,
when I need you,
you’re there,
it’s just that easy,
a cup of coffee and a
walk down the street
of our beautiful lazy solace.

©A. D. Joyce, 2015


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