of cherry blossom trees


pure white
or pink as blood
not quite soaked through
cherry blossoms
in branch brook park
cling delicately
to graceful trees

in early april
caravans of people come
from all around
to this oasis in the urban desert
to wander in row upon row
of blossoms

in their glory
the miracle
of cherry blossom trees
reminds some travelers
of their mother japan

for others
the vital colors evict
the harsh northeast winter
from their bones
gray days are forgotten
the overused space heater
in a cold apartment
is left behind
thoughts of sales quotas
and work brought home
are pushed to a safe distance

but as april turns to may
when the pink and white petals
are shed and windblown
into branch brook lake
giving way to
ordinary green leaves
everyone’s thoughts return
to their narrow concerns

as the trees remain mindful
of every minute
of every day
accepting how each moment
changes them


IMG_1741Poem and photos by A. D. Joyce

©A. D. Joyce, 2015


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