proof of concept


i wanted to believe the concept
to know that the mirror of air
reflected something back
that the hope of becoming a life
would not be miscarried or aborted
that in the end
i in the nursing home
would not wonder
why i am there sitting
on a worn brown chair

i needed the proof
that fits and starts
could become conclusions
i needed the numbers
the operands
the equation
the four parts equally divided in two
if a then b
and if b
then all things are possible

i had to know
i had to know
i had to know
and you showed me

©A. D. Joyce, 2019

shoures soote


there was once a time we elite
knew what that meant
and I once believed i was that

probably the last of my generation

even so
was it ever the way i remember it

i forget the color of your eyes
downcast as they are
caught in the glare of your cell phone screen
your conversation is an enigma
of iconery and shorthand
your voice the chime of bells
and musical phrases
never songs

i soften the hard ground
with my faulty memory
the smell of dirt
the butterflies the bees
where are they now

I thought i saw you yesterday
a college student
but how could that be
you must be as old as i am now

©A. D. Joyce, 2019

the life


when the story ends
all the highlights told
life still goes on
the everydays
the good and the bad
repeat repeat
shadows grow longer
love grows deeper
or maybe love fades
happy ever after
sad thereafter
sometimes one
sometimes the other
when the story is written
on the pages
the life is left
to the imagination

©A. D. Joyce, 2018