the cruelest


if spring should appear
may is merely
minutes away
with a few cherry blossoms
pink and white
frosted over
many green buds
and rain showers
not like the aprils
when i was young
or was that a dream
this is why we aspire to ascend
to leave the dirt and dust behind

©A. D. Joyce, 2018


the shadow side


early spring is the shadow of summer
it is inconsistent
and subject to a random snow
it fears commitment to the sun

buds on the branches
hang shyly in the balance

how i need your summertime
to shine on me
but if ever the skies
refuse to rain
don’t scorch me
in the drought
and come december
don’t leave me

forsake the passage of time

©A. D. Joyce, 2018

the promise of april


i came here to love you

through lifetimes
i have sought you
in every pair of eyes

i have strained against
the touch of hands
needing to feel your essence

and in spring
when the air reeks
of rain and dirt
i pick your flowers
and see your face
strewn among
the fallen cherry blossoms

i am not here
on this earth
to pull punches
i am here to express

i unbalance the equinox
with poems
obsessive and fevered

this is the promise
my soul makes
time and again
in each incarnation
and life form i inhabit

on this brand new day
i awake in the hope
you will soon be here
with me





©A. D. Joyce, 2017