common cold


“for these past 5 years
i’ve been
studying harder
working longer
eating better
crying the most honest tears

and i haven’t been ill
not even the common cold
in all that time”
i was just telling my friend
a few months ago

then the day before yesterday
there was the hint
of a tired ache in my body
i could not ignore
and last night
i could barely sleep
due to the drippy nose
and mouth breathing

by morning i had
a fuzzy headed drowsiness
and my the skin was irritated
from the constant tissue wiping

my streak of invincibility
had been ruined
by someone’s inconsiderate cough
into the open air

or maybe i push too hard
thinking i can do it all
and maybe i can do it all
just not all at once
and not by myself
i’m human
i’m not perfect

i have to admit
by midday
i was relieved
to have a reason
to lie down
and take a nap









©A. D. Joyce, 2017



a trumpet of a day —
the blue sky humming
the green crackle of grass
the chime of a small white butterfly
dancing to the drumbeat
of yellow sunflowers —
and after the red song of sunset
blazes over the horizon
i listen to the sighs
of the deep black night






©A. D. Joyce, 2017